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“Tim has been an early reader on all my novels, both as a mentor at VCFA and as a freelance editor after. He’s a brilliant, intuitive, passionate editor, a creative and intellectual boon for any writer lucky enough to work with him."

-- Jandy Nelson, winner of the Printz Award for I’ll Give You the Sun

"Tim understood my creative intent, and he helped me to achieve it with constructive and insightful feedback." 

--Matthew J. Kirby, Edgar winner for Icefall

"Tim Wynne-Jones is one of the writers I respect most in the world of children's literature, and he is equally brilliant as a teacher and editor. When he has critiqued my work he has been honest and skilled and generous." 

-- Martine Leavitt, winner of the Governor General’s Award, for Calvin

"Working with Tim allowed me to take my craft to the next level which eventually led to landing an agent and a book deal. His ability to critique at a story level mixed with meticulous line edits make sure there's no stone left unturned when it comes to improving a work of fiction." 

-- H. N. Khan, Author of Wrong Side of the Court

“Tim Wynne-Jones's wonderful feedback improved every aspect of The Magpie's Library. He was able to identify what wasn't working and his insightful questions helped me to think deeper and to see what was possible in the story."

-- Kate Blair, author of, most recently, A Mist of Memories 

“I have had the luck and privilege to work with Tim on three novels. He is one of the most astute, perceptive, and creative fiction consultants out there. As a gifted writer, he knows the fundamentals of novel writing and story-telling in a way even most professional editors cannot match. He diagnoses what's not working in your fiction with startling clarity, and offers prescriptions for strengthening your sagging story that will push your manuscript not just to the next level, but beyond (with a little work on your part, of course).” 

-- Ann Jacobus, author of, most recently, The Coldest Winter I Ever Spent 

“Tim is a brilliant writer, teacher, and editor. It’s rare for anyone to have this combination of skills. He’s worked with me on three of my books and two of these books are currently in acquisitions at a big five publishing house. Due to his insightful feedback, I’ve been able to improve my story structure, character development, tension, and language. I highly recommend his services.”

-- Kim Purcell, author of, most recently, This is Not a Love Letter

“Tim’s thoughtful, articulate, insightful critique helped me understand what I got right, what I needed to improve and what my revision priorities should be. His advice spilled over with good ideas, ranging from how to hook a reader to managing backstory, plot and character. He didn’t just tell me what to do —he showed me how to do it through judicious line editing and specific examples.  Working with Tim was the best gift I could ever have given myself.” 

--Helen Pyne

Tim Wynne-Jones is a brilliant mentor. He’s expert in every genre—able to clearly convey the essence of what works and doesn’t work in every manuscript. Tim not only edits efficiently, but he’s also a thorough, generous, and kind teacher.

--Helen Zax

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