The Emperor of Any Place

has received SEVEN starred reviews in
American Trade Magazines!

* Kirkus Reviews
“Dual stories of strength and resilience illuminate the effects that war has on individuals and on father-son relationships, effects that stretch in unexpected ways across generations as Evan and Griff make their way toward a truce. An accomplished wordsmith, Wynne-Jones achieves an extraordinary feat: he eliminates the hidden depths of personalities and families through a mesmerizing blend of realism and magic.

* Publishers Weekly
“Readers will be swept up quickly in the tense relationship between Evan and Griff, as well as the unlikely friendship between enemy soldiers fighting for survival in a surreal landscape. Without spelling out the metaphoric significance of the story within the story, Wynne-Jones provides enough hints for readers to make connections and examine the lines between war and peace, as well as hate and love.”

* Booklist
 “Wynne-Jones writes with a sure hand and a willingness to take readers into uncharted territory. The main characters in both time periods are complex and vividly portrayed, while the stories, both supernatural and realistic, quietly take note of nuances that standard narratives overlook. A riveting, remarkable novel by a reliably great Canadian writer.”

* School Library Journal 
“Offering a unique take on the World War II period, this intergenerational tale is an excellent addition to most YA collections.”

* Shelf Awareness
“English-Canadian author Tim Wynne-Jones (The Uninvited, Blink & Caution) crafts a truly spellbinding novel in which the mystical, desert-island, wartime chronicle is as riveting as the modern-day story... and the ways they begin to fuse together are breathtaking.”

* The Horn Book
“There’s a whole lot going on here: Evan’s and Griff’s shared heartbreak, exhibited in very different ways, and their own increasingly complicated relationship; the stark contrast between the mainly nondescript “Any Place” of Evan’s suburban Ontario and the horror of the desert island; and the unlikely friendship between enemy soldiers in the story-within-a-story. All these seemingly disparate parts come together in fascinating ways, resulting in an affecting and unforgettable read.”

* Bulletin of the Center for Children’s
“The layers of intergenerational strife, savage warfare, lingering suspicion and gradual healing are quilted into a warming narrative that is both uncompromisingly tragic and holistically redemptive. Readers will carry this haunting story with them for a long time.”

Junior Library Guild Selection
Horn Book Fanfare List
School Library Journal Best Books of the Year
Chicago Public Library’s Kids Best of the Best Books
Best Fiction for Young Adults nominee
YALSA Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers list nominee

Blink & Caution!

ALA Best Fiction For Young Adults 2011

Best Fiction for Young Adults 2011

Kids Indie Next List 2011

Boston Globe--Horn Book Awards Winner, Fiction 2011

Best Fiction for Young Adults 2011

Governor General's Award 2011

ABC Best Books for Children Catalog Selection 2011

Publishers Weekly Best Children's Books of the Year 2011

ALA Readers' Choice Award 2011

Tayshas High School Reading List (Texas) 2012

Kirkus Reviews Best Young Adult Books of the Year 2011

School Library Journal Best Books of the Year 2011

Horn Book Fanfare, The 2011

Bookpage Best Children's Books of the Year 2011

Capitol Choices List of Noteworthy Titles for Children 2012

Great Lakes, Great Books Award, Michigan Reading Association,
2012 to be announced 03/10/2012

"Mystery, thriller, love story, teen "issue" novel... Blink & Caution is all of these, a story with such sustained wide-awakeness that's it's barely possible to stop turning the pages. It's that full of suspense and unpredictability."
-- The Toronto Star

"... Wynne-Jones paces Blink & Caution like an express train that seems ready to derail at any juncture. But, like an expert crime writer, he offers enough detail and downtime to allow readers to care deeply for his titular characters."
-- Quill & Quire

* Here is a A Really Thoughtful Review

Three starred reviews. Here’s what the press is already saying about Blink & Caution.

Kirkus Review

Two teenagers hurt by life “with its never-ending snares and pitfalls and dire consequences” come together in this elegantly constructed noir mystery and love story…Wynne-Jones’ finest, most beautifully written novel yet, one more in a career full of distinguished works.

Publishers’ Weekly

Wynne-Jones (The Uninvited) delivers a dazzling crime novel that evokes the taut writing and tropes of hard-boiled fiction while interweaving social justice themes and a solid sense of realism.

 .The School Library Journal

In this edgy, suspenseful read, Wynne-Jones does an excellent job of portraying the pair's budding relationship as they learn to trust one another in highly charged circumstances. The story is told in alternating viewpoints, with Blink's segments in second-person present tense, which adds a heightened sense of immediacy and urgency… Those who enjoy thought-provoking thrillers will not want to miss this novel.


terrific: the short, punchy sentences Wynne-Jones fires like buckshot; the joy, fear, and doubt that punctuate the teens’ every action. This is gritty, sure, but more than that, it’s smart, and earns every drop of its hopeful finish.

 And finally here is a touching excerpt from bookseller, Kenny Brechner, written for the New England Bookseller’s Advisory Council (NECBA) Spring Review Project

 …Wynne Jones' characters share a coexistent self-sufficiency and vulnerability, which draws powerfully and steadily on the reader's affections. The suspense in the second half of the book carries the book along briskly to its exciting conclusion. What makes Blink and Caution exceptional, however, is a combination of youthful authenticity and mature reflectiveness achieved by having a mature second person narrator describing two very authentic teenage minds. The idea of numbness as a spiritual state in which a suspension of life allows the healing of time and the appearance of levers, of opportunities to revisit the flash points of trauma from a different angle, is a powerful means of connection to readers. Some readers may experience Blink and Caution as an exciting trip across the surface of the story. Those who answer the simultaneous pull to integrate more deeply into the narrative will find that they can take out as much with them as they can carry … Blink and Caution does not have a magical happy ending, it has a magic coursing through it much deeper than that.


Blink & Caution

Two street kids get tangled in a plot over their heads — and risk an unexpected connection — in this heart-pounding thriller by Tim Wynne-Jones.

Boy, did you get off on the wrong floor, Blink. All you wanted was to steal some breakfast for your empty belly, but instead you stumbled on a fake kidnapping and a cell phone dropped by an “abducted” CEO, giving you a link to his perfect blonde daughter. Now you’re on the run, but it’s OK as long as you are smart enough to stay in the game and keep Captain Panic locked in his hold.

Enter a girl named Caution. As in “Caution: Toxic.” As in “Caution: Watch Your Step.” She’s also on the run from a skeezy drug-dealer boyfriend and from a night- mare in her past that won’t let her go. When she spies Blink at the bus station, Caution can see he’s an easy mark. But there’s something about this naive, skinny street punk, whom she only wanted to rob, that tugs at her heart, a heart she thought deserved not to feel.

Charged with suspense and intrigue, this taut novel trails two deeply compelling characters as they forge a blackmail scheme that is foolhardy at best, disastrous at worst — along with a fated, tender partnership that will offer them each a rare chance for redemption.

download the Blink & Caution press kit

The Uninvited

Reviews of The Uninvited

"...The Uninvited is…the kind of engaging, evocative, nuanced book that has won Wynne-Jones numerous awards. But its dead-on, quirky dialogue and big messy issues should attract a wide readership from grade 9 up."

"...The story is genuinely scary, as Wynne-Jones evokes both the beauty and the potential violence of country life…With its dark legacies, intriguing relationships, hidden chambers, forbidden love, and flowing blood, The Uninvited has all the appeal of a sexy vampire, sans fangs."
                                                -- Maureen Garvie, Quill & Quire

"...The Uninvited is a first-rate thriller with lots of twists and turns (the ending is excellent) and some very sympathetic characters. It’s straightforward suspense writing that takes no shortcuts. This one is for teens who want to sit on the edge of their seat without any supernatural tricks."
                                               -- Colleen Mondor, the blog Bookslut

"...Wynne-Jones, who has proved with his A Thief in the House of Memory that he has the knack for endowing a setting with all the attributes of a living, breathing character, outdoes himself here…but the author’s greatest feat is the development of…three [leading] characters and their relationship to each other. By shifting among the trio’s points of view, the author explores how circumstances can shape the best and worst of us, and nothing is as simple as it first appears."
-- Jennifer M. Brown, the newsletter Shelf Awareness

"...The Uninvited [is] a thriller, mystery and family drama in one, written with Wynne-Jones’ usual lyric style, with a page-turning quotient that should propel most readers forward in a headlong rush…Wynne-Jones is well able to blend the drama and suspense of a thriller with a novel that has a rich literary texture."

                                             -- Deirdre Baker, The Toronto Star

“…Wynne-Jones has consistently raised the bar for literary thrillers: The Boy in the Burning House (rev. 11/01) and A Thief in the House of Memory (rev. 5/05) showcased his talents for suspenseful plotting, nuanced characterization, atmospheric sense of place, and humanistic themes; but The Uninvited may be the best one yet.” – Starred review, The Horn Book

“...Wynne-Jones (Rex Zero, King of Nothing) creates a tale of twisted family…The characters have strong voices and personalities—their realness, coupled with the idyllic setting, contrasts starkly (and thrillingly) with the story's dark side. If the number of letches and unbalanced individuals that Mimi attracts appears extreme, readers will probably be too caught up in the action to care. Ages 14–up.” – Publishers Weekly

"…The mystery of why her father has kept from her the information about Jay's existence takes a backseat to Mimi's own journey as she begins to bond with her half-brother and to stand up for herself in the face of these strange occurrences at their father's cottage. Wynne-Jones plants some tantalizing red herrings, and the plot will keep teens turning pages, but the author's greatest feat is in the development of these three characters and their connection to each other. By shifting among the trio's points of view, the author explores how circumstances can shape the best and worst of us, and nothing is as simple as it first appears."
-- Shelf Awareness

Rex Zero, King of Nothing

That smart and funny sixth grader introduced in Rex Zero and the End of the World (Farrar, 2007) is back. . . . Wynne-Jones perfectly and poignantly captures Rex's confusion with life and grown-ups . . . Laugh-out-loud funny… While it is not necessary to have read the first book to enjoy this one, children will no doubt want to read it after and will look forward to more adventures." —Starred, School Library Journal

"Wynne-Jones brilliantly plays Rex's comfortable childhood world against the adult one Rex is just beginning to discern; the elegantly simple child-logic he applies to the latter yields both catastrophic and heroic results... Well worth the ride." —Starred, The Horn Book

"Set in Ottawa in 1962, the story offers well-crafted, eccentric characters, laugh-out-loud humor, and a generous dose of 1960s culture... Fans and preteens contemplating that long bridge to adulthood will be charmed." —Starred, Booklist

"These seemingly uncorrupted characters are well aware of darkness. None of it touches their heroic childlike determination." —Kirkus Reviews

"Once again, Wynne-Jones handily balances the humorous quirkiness of his hero with truly troublesome undercurrents of adult concerns that disturb his peace."
Bulletin for the Center of Children's Books

"Rex's fans . . . will be charmed." —Book Links

 "...a wonderfully textured story...Wynne-Jones' skill is most apparent in the cast of memorable characters who are so well-drawn that readers feel as if they were sitting right in the living room listening to the kids stomp up and down the stairs."
 - CM Magazine

 "Readers of 'Rex Zero and the End of the World' will cheer the return of this intelligent, funny, and totally original hero...Wynne-Jones creates a host of believable characters who jump right off the page an into your heart."
 - North Toronto Town Crier

 "Wynne-Jones goes from strength to strength...Every one of [his] characters is fully realized and every sentence interesting - this story never bows to the predictable. [He] captures perfectly the bizarre logic and comfortable arguments of family life."
 - Toronto Star

 "What more can be said about Tim Wynne-Jones and his remarkable stories? He is a gifted writer and continually creates characters to love and stories to make you stop and think."
 - Brandon Sun

"There are some laugh out loud moments. Descriptions are often memorable or lyrical as when Mother says things that happened during the war are 'like stones on your father's heart.' Thoroughly enjoyable tale of Ottawa in the sixties and some neat kids." Sue Carita, The Toadstool Bookshop

Rex Zero and the End of the World

“Brilliant in its near stream-of-consciousness depiction of the world as Rex sees it . . . The meticulous plotting sets the enormity of world destruction against the equally cataclysmic concerns of childhood.  It’s a historic narrative that resonates eerily and effectively today.” –Starred, The Horn Book

"Wynne-Jones writes with a light, often humorous touch and maintains a perspective true to an 11-year-old's perspective. This winning hero paints a universe both hopeful and realistic, one that readers may well want to visit."--Starred, Publishers Weekly

"Delightfully nerve-wracking, eccentric and optimistic."  --Kirkus Reviews

“The sense of looming doomsday will hold readers, as will the timeless drama of moving and trying to fit in.” –Booklist

“A fast-moving, quirky romp through apocalyptic anxiety.”  —The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

“Eccentric and charming.”    —VOYA

“An unusual and appealing title.”  --School Library Journal, May 2007

 "Despite the weighty themes, Wynne-Jones writes with a light, often humorous touch and maintains a perspective true to an 11-year-old's perspective... This winning hero paints a universe both hopeful and realistic, one that readers may well want to visit."
 - Publishers Weekly, starred review

 "The present-tense narrative is brilliant in its near stream-of-consciousness depiction of the world as Rex sees it... The meticulous plotting sets the enormity of world destruction against the equally cataclysmic concerns of childhood, all magnified through the lens of Rex's vivid imagination. It's a historic narrative that resonates eerily and effectively today."
 - Horn Book, starred review

 "[Wynne-Jones] has totally captured this particular historical moment and, through the enthralling narrative voice he's created, made it truly come alive to contemporary readers. A character who will utterly enchant readers, Rex Zero is funny (without always realizing how hilarious he is), creative, imaginative, inventive, and exasperating - everything you'd expect of a 10-year-old trying to negotiate his way through a world he doesn't always understand."
 - Quill & Quire, starred review

 "[Rex Zero and the End of the World] is a delightful novel with arresting characters, written for a readership that will find touchstones of its own."
 - Globe and Mail

 "Delightfully nerve-wracking, eccentric and optimistic."
 - Kirkus Reviews

 "Tim Wynne-Jones is in top form in this novel..."
 - Globe and Mail

 "Wynne-Jones does a masterful job capturing the time period in a novel that will not only appeal to boys today, but to their uncles and grandfathers as well."
 - CM Magazine

 " unusual and appealing title. ... the memorable characters and the animal mystery will keep the pages turning."
 - School Library Journal

 "...hilarious... Rex's family and friends are an amazing crew of appealing and intriguing characters... This novel will appeal to young readers who enjoy humour and learning about Canadian history."
 - Resource Links

Boy in the Burning House

"Wynne-Jones builds an action-packed thriller around the mysterious disappearance of a Canadian farmer . . . His son, Jim, starts to suspect foul play . . . after a teenage acquaintance, "crazy" Ruth Rose, makes some startling accusations . . . Will keep the pages turning." --Publishers Weekly

"Wynne-Jones weaves a strong, sensitively observed cast, plus themes of inner conflict, unlikely friendships, and the enduring power of hate, into a powerful tale." --Kirkus Reviews

"A gripping, fast-moving plot that offers the pure adrenaline rush of a thriller." --Starred, The Horn Book

A Thief in the House of Memory

"...this rich and rewarding novel will appeal most to thoughtful readers who appreciate a sad and bittersweet read."
 - School Library Journal, starred review

"From first chapter to last, Wynne-Jones masterfully evokes the surreal quality of faded memories enhanced or distorted by the imagination. Readers will be just as consumed as the hero is in his search for answers."
 - Publishers Weekly, starred review

 "Equal parts tricky and haunting: unambiguously memorable."
 - Horn Book

 "This beautifully written and distinctive novel combines a suspenseful mystery with an intriguing family drama about secrets."
 - School Library Journal

 "Whether he's making our skin tingle with unease in the dark mansion, or making us chortle at the witty, affectionate banter of Declan's school friends...his prose is polished to a gleam."
 - Quill & Quire

 "Wynne Jones' writing style is very vivid, fresh and evocative..."
 - Globe and Mail

 "Wynne-Jones' writing is beyond the familiar...In this prose, nothing is lost; like good poetry, each word carries its own weight and meaning."
 - Toronto Star

 "Wynne-Jones skillfully builds tension in his interdependent conflicts that emphasize the importance of the truth."
 - CM Magazine

 "In this complex and multi-layered coming-of-age novel...Tim Wynne-Jones, with his usual adept brush strokes, paints another portrait of an appealing teenager's internal journey as he struggles to understand his loss, to accept change, and to create meaning within his world. Highly Recommended."
 - Canadian Children's Literature - CBRA

 "...part gripping mystery and part psychological study of how the past influences the present. It is a short, surprising novel, beautifully observed and totally absorbing."
 - Young Post

"Becoming absorbed in this book is like entering a dream. From first chapter to last, Wynne-Jones masterfully evokes the surreal quality of faded memories enhanced or distorted by the imagination.  Alluring."  -- Starred, Publishers Weekly

"This is a beautifully written and rewarding." 
-- Starred, School Library Journal

"Vividly written."  -- Booklist

"Melancholy, uncanny, and emotionally powerful."  -- Starred, Kirkus Reviews

"Wonderfully subtle...unambiguously memorable."  -- The Horn Book

"The book carefully builds its mood, accruing layers of unease.  Readers who have enjoyed the combination of edge and cool sophistication of Wynne-Jones' previous works will find this pleasingly unsettling."  -- The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

"Wynne-Jones does an excellent job of keeping the reader guessing without ever being dishonest.  Every character is nicely rounded, and all grow as lines of communication open when memories are finally laid to rest."  -- VOYA

"Young adolescent readers can relate to the author's superb writing style and characterizations."  -- SIGNAL

"Kept me on my toes." -- A YALSA Teen YA Galley Reader

"A great mystery. . . . You can't put it down!" --A YALSA Teen YA Galley Reader

Ned Mouse Breaks Away

 "A very fine introduction to the not always gentle art of satire by one of children's literature's finest writers."
 - The Globe and Mail

 "Funny, light and deliciously different."
 - School Library Journal

 "This breezy novel brims with chuckles...Wynne-Jones's light-hearted caper perks along, fueled by Ned's sardonic wisecracks."
 - Publishers Weekly

The Maestro

"Complex and poignant, wrapped around a dramatic story line."
 - Publishers Weekly, starred review

 "A truly compelling adventure story."
 - Kirkus Reviews

 "...a gift for a group of readers not often enough offered work of this calibre."
 - Globe and Mail

 (as The Survival Game, UK Edition) "...marvelously tense... It's a remarkable book."
 - Books for Keeps (UK)

 (as The Survival Game, UK Edition) "Wynne-Jones paints a powerful picture of the effects of abuse... One of the most delightful aspects of this compelling story is Wynne-Jones's sharp perspicacity and language... An intensely enjoyable read for 12+."
 - Inis Magazine (Ireland)

Lord of the Fries

"Fresh dialogue, sympathetic and idiosyncratic protagonists, and surprises around every corner - these have become Wynne-Jones's calling cards, and he just gets better and better."
 - Publisher's Weekly, starred review

"These stories are, as always, written with breathtaking skill...another winner from one of our finest writers."
 - Quill and Quire, starred review

 "These stories are funny and full of the magic tricks of language."

  1. Toronto Star

The Book of Changes

 "... with his prowess for crafting each tale so that it neatly comes full circle, Wynne-Jones makes the quotidian well worth reading about."
 - Publishers Weekly

 "The dialogue is laugh-out-loud funny in these touching short stories..."
 - Booklist

 "At the core of all these stories are surprises as delightful as the unexpected vacation from school."
 - Horn Book

Some of the Kinder Planets

"Funny and full of pithy, corkscrew logic and unique, unforgettable characters."
 - Horn Book, starred review

"Tim Wynne-Jones...has a good feel for young outstanding collection of...contemporary fiction."
 - Quill and Quire, starred review

Stephen Fair

"Besides being adept at building a taut and involved story line and fleshing out offbeat characters, Wynne-Jones has a strong command of language, which emerges during his frequent plays on words."
 - Publishers Weekly, starred review

 "...a rich, allusive novel, the writing by turns lyrical and funny..."
 - Globe and Mail


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